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Vacations, Surgeons, and House Codes

We're taking a two day break from our vacation and leaving town again tomorrow. Vacation from vacations is the best! We just cleaned, packed, and ate. Haven't done a lick of sewing. Just taking a break. Next month my daughter starts her online middle school courses from BYU, which will provide some much needed structure for our family. We are sloths during the summer. I'll get back to quilting next week. I think the paper piecing thing will really help.

I've been browsing Pinterest admiring all those cool crazy quilting blocks. I thought it would be fun to try hexagon shaped blocks with sari fabric and satin. Or blocks that tell a little story or show a scene or something. Our twentieth anniversary is coming up next March and I have a complex embroidery sampler I'll start in January for my husband. It might be fun to try out some of the stitches I don't know on a little crazy quilt block first so I don't ruin the sampler. It's a beautiful pattern from Victoria Sampler.

Sunday I was asked to be a leader over the primary age girls activities at our church. So many fun things to do! I think the first week I'll take profile pictures of the girls and ask them what goals they're working on this year, what talents they want to develop, what they do for fun. And from there we'll plan activities. Then the next time we meet, I'll have an outline of their silhouette printed on cardstock. Then we cut that out and either use it as a template to cut from a picture of our temple. Or we just cut it out and glue the background onto a temple picture. Haven't decided which. I think I'll try it one way with my daughter and one way with my youngest son and see which turns out the best. Either way, I think it'll help give the girls a sense of ownership and belonging to the temple. And we'll put them in nice frames so they can hang them in their rooms.

Last week we took our vacation to the west side of Washington. We went on some nice hikes and ate at Ivar's at Mukilteo Landing. Fresh seafood, great service, good kids menu. The clam chowder is the best I've ever tasted. You pay for it, but it's worth it.

The real reason we went there was I had a consultation with a surgeon Wednesday. I have to meet with a few more people to get cleared for surgery, but managed to set them all up by August 5. Then I wait on insurance and do a two week pre-op diet and have the surgery. He said I'll probably be tired for the first two or three months, but within six months I'll be feeling a whole lot better. I'm a little nervous. This is the second surgery I've had. For different things, but the first surgery only worked for a while. I usually bounce back pretty fast from medical stuff and I'm hoping this time won't be the exception.

The owners of the beach house we're renting this week, finally came through with the entrance codes. Yay! We have somewhere to stay tomorrow night. Cutting it close, huh?

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